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Updates for October 2012

Posted on October 7, 2012

The Final Countdown, Brian Crutchfield, Composer

New track "The Final Countdown" released today! I spent a decent amount of time on this one, and love how it has turned out. You can give it a listen over on my Music Page.

Also excited to announce that I have finished scoring a beautiful sci-fi short film that will be released in the next few months called "The Last Wildflower". I feel like it definitely has the stuff to get into some festivals, so if and when that happens, I'll be sure to release an update about it.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the new track.

Updates for July & August 2012

Posted on August 10, 2012

Monthly Update, Site News

Been pretty busy during the last month!

Completed composing the music to two really awesome short films "Sera's Chronicles - The Prologue" (a sci-fi short) and "Love Thy Neighbor" which was a film for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project.

Also completed writing a special piece for AudioJungle entitled "The Circle of Nations" which was inspired by the Summer Olympic Games. You can check that track out Here!

Thanks for listening/reading, and see you next time!

"Ngorongoro" Released!

Posted on June 21, 2012

Tainted Love, Brian Crutchfield, Composer

Excited to finally release the track "Ngorongoro" which I've been working on here and there for the past few weeks. It was definitely the most fun I've had working on a track to date, hopefully you enjoy it too!

I wrote this track to a Google Images search, (crazy, I know). Here is the one I'm talking about : Google Images: Ngorongoro.

All of the percussion used was from Drums of War 2, 8dio's excellent Epic Taiko Ensemble, and Kontakt 5's built in world percussion instruments. The marimba ostinato sections were made from layering together around 10 different instruments, ranging from marimba, glass marimba and xylophone to tuned fiberglass/PVC tubes to give it a bit of edge and a different textural feel from just a traditional marimba sound.

The melody lines are layered (or solo in some cases) Bawu, Duduk and Shakuhachi Flute. These melody lines are played ontop of the percussion bed, and strings or choir (LASS and Requiem Pro if anyone is curious).

This track will be edited slightly into loopable sections, and will then be uploaded to my royalty free portfolio on AudioJungle where you can license it for use in your productions if you'd like.

Thanks for listening/reading, and see you next time!

Updates for April & May 2012

Posted on April 26, 2012

Monthly Update, Site News

Finished the scoring work on a short film entitled "Last Train Home". Very happy with what I was able to do in about 1 day of work. You can check out that piece of music over on my Music Page.

Also, very excited to announce that I will be scoring a Sci-Fi TV Pilot in the coming months, and my next feature film project "Waiting for Butterflies" has been officially announced for a tenative 2013 release date. Really excited to get started on the scoring process for both of those films as working with Kent and Richard (of New Daydream Films) has been a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience so far!

Well thats all I can think of for today, thanks for reading, and see you next time!

Updates for March 2012

Posted on March 16, 2012

Monthly Update, Site News

Just got done finishing a pretty big update to the website! Most of the work was for my all new Music Page. I got rid of the old system as I thought it would get ungainly as time moved forward and I inevitably add lots of more material.

I am also working on editing together a cool video demo for my music page, YouTube and Vimeo. Should turn out pretty cool!

Short update this month as I am still figuring out the details of future projects and can't really say anything about them yet.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

"Tainted Love" Now Airing & Soundtrack Release

Posted on March 12, 2012

Tainted Love, Brian Crutchfield, Composer

Finished up all of the work for the Tainted Love soundtrack, so now everything music related for "Tainted Love" Season 2 is complete!

The show began airing on March 4th, and will continue to air every Sunday at 10/9c. The episodes also repeat again in an hour long slot at 1AM (12AM central time) if you are a night owl and can't catch the earlier ones. Hope you can catch a few episodes!

Select episodes should be available for streaming from the official Tainted Love webpage over on Halogen's website: Tainted Love on HalogenTV.

Also very excited to announce that the soundtrack has been released on my Bandcamp Music Page, and is free to download for a limited time. After that it will be priced at a very reasonable $5 - I've gotta pay bills somehow!

The soundtrack is also available (streaming only) on my Music Page.

Thanks, and see you again next time!

Updates for February 2012

Posted on February 23, 2012

Monthly Update, Site News

I've been really busy since finishing up "Tainted Love" working on new music (more on that soon), mastering soundtrack materials, looking for my next project to score and updating my studio to be a more productive work environment.

Been working on mastering the Tainted Love score into a soundtrack album release for about a week now interspersed with doing studio updates (plugins, more efficient keyboard shortcuts, new furniture, you know.. really boring stuff to talk about on a blog page).

Thanks for reading, and I promise I'll update the blog again shortly with more cool stuff to hear (and hopefully see!)