Film Composer

Brian is a composer who works on films, video games, commercials, and other new media projects. Since graduating in 2010 from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Film Scoring he has written numerous short film scores, worked on several commercial advertisements, scored a few iOS video games and recently completed scoring a television mini-series for Halogen TV.

All right, I think that is about enough of that whole talking about myself in the third person thing…

Ever since I can remember I have really loved music, and definitely wanted it to play a huge part in my life. For quite a while I really thought that this interaction would be in the form of me becoming a professional jazz saxophonist. During high school I placed into the Texas All-State Jazz Ensemble several times, was accepted into the prestigious Brubeck Summer Jazz Colony, and went on to earn a full tuition scholarship to Berklee College of Music where I intended to major in performance.

Once I got up to Boston that fall one of my randomly assigned courses was Intro to Film Scoring, and through that class I really started to realize that being a professional composer would be a very interesting and rewarding career choice. Slowly over the next year I began writing more and more, and took up playing piano seriously – and jazz performance kind of went to the back burner.

I’ve always liked, no, loved film scores, so it was a great thing to be able to be able to take that course and rediscover my interest in a new light. One of the things I still fondly remember from my childhood was the first time I saw Star Wars (The Original Trilogy), and listening to the wonderfully intricate character themes that I still remember to this day. I know The Empire Strikes Back is probably the fan favorite out of the original three, but the "Binary Sunset" scene from A New Hope just takes the cake for me. It’s a constant reminder and inspiration for me of how seriously effective one 30 second long cue can be.

Since graduating with a degree in Film Scoring I’ve had the great pleasure to score many independent short films, work on several advertisement projects, and video games while working for some seriously wonderful people. I hope to be able to work on many more projects in the future, and hopefully yours!

Feel free to contact me any time, oh, and if you haven’t checked out my demo tracks yet over on my music page you should take a listen before you go.